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Black Rage

Posted on Sep 15, 2010 by in New News & Posts | 0 comments

Black Rage: The Movie

One of the most controversial films we have found yet! Okay not really that controversial but we couldn’t believe we found this master piece movie.

Two slave brothers, one black, one an albino, discover a treasure map which is taken from them by their foreman. They take it back but are pursued by the foreman. Originally, the foreman seeks the aid of two bounty hunters who pursue the protagonists throughout the film. At the end, both the foreman and the bounty hunters catch up with the two escaped slaves, and the foreman has a change of heart, helping to kill the bounty hunters.

By Front Row Entertainment, starring Chris Robinson, Ted Cassidy, Robert Leslie, Phyllis Robinson, Dave Legge, and Anthony Scott.

Written and Produced and Directed all by Chris Robinson.


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